Current Focus
Simplified use of The Accountability Chart™ tool

Build, reorganize, and restructure your business’s Accountability Chart and put the Right People in the Right Seats seamlessly, including the ability to view and print to PDF.

A new and improved Vision/Traction Organizer® tool experience

Foster greater team alignment around your company vision and have it shared by all with an updated, seamless user experience.

Easily Export your data from EOS One

You own all of your data and should be able to use it as you wish. We want to ensure you can easily export your data from EOS One to other systems or for your day-to-day operations.

Print your EOS Tools and take to your Quarterly and Annual sessions

Download and print out all your meeting items, your V/TO, and your Accountability Chart to take to your Level 10 Meeting or your Quarterly/Annual sessions with your EOS Implementer.

Up Next
See your Organizational Checkup™ scores for every level of your business over time

The Organizational Checkup™ helps you achieve 80% strong by giving you insights and actions to help improve your business right away. We want to bring that data right into your EOS One account so you can pinpoint issues faster and take immediate action.

Updated version of your Scorecard to help you effectively monitor your Measurables

Customize your Scorecard to suit your business needs by adjusting the day ranges, incorporating different timeframes, and sharing measurable across meetings. You'll be able to change the start date and the cadence within a global setting for your organization.

Coming Soon
Additional Social Sign-In options

Utilize widely-used social media platforms to facilitate a seamless sign-in process for EOS One. Sign-in with Google is currently supported, and Microsoft and LinkedIn are coming soon.

Quarterly & Annual Process Facilitation

Prepare and execute your Quarterly Pulsing™ within EOS One.

Implement AI-powered solutions to enhance and streamline the learning process for EOS.

An in-app solution that answers your team's questions about EOS.

Create your own customizable dashboard

Create customizable dashboards to gain a tailored perspective of your business. Filter your meeting data, rearrange items, and integrate components from your Vision/Traction Organizer® to maintain alignment and focus throughout the quarter.

On the Horizon
Leverage the data within your organization to make better decisions

You collect a tremendous amount of data within your company that is only sometimes useful. We plan to solve that for you by giving you insights into scorecards, issues, todos, rocks, and people so you can make better daily decisions.

Ensure you have Right People, Right Seats (RPRS) with The People Analyzer™ and Quarterly Conversations

82.4% of companies we interviewed implement EOS to solve their people issues. The People Analyzer and Quarterly Conversations are the best way to ensure you make one great person move per quarter.

Quickly add Issues and personal Todo's to EOS One without having to log into the application with any mobile text messaging application

Issues and todos don't always pop into your head while sitting at a computer or during a Level 10 Meeting™, so we are making it easier by allowing you to add issues to your meetings to IDS™ with your team or add personal todos using your smartphone text messaging app.

Ensure each of your people are living their ideal lives by leveraging the Delegate and Elevate™ tool

Create your Laundry List and categorize all your tasks according to Love/Great, Like/Good, Don't Like/ Good, and Don't Like/Not Good. Delegate one item from your bottom two quadrants each quarter, and you will live your ideal life over time.

Role-specific Dashboards

Develop role-specific dashboards to visualize pertinent information tailored to your responsibilities within the company. Gain insights that enable you to effectively monitor and optimize the smooth operation of your business.

Newly architected Level 10 Meeting™ experience for leadership teams

Experience the power of running your leadership team Level 10 Meetings with a smoother, more consistent interface for Scorecards, headlines, Rocks, to-dos, and IDS®

Rebuild EOS One from the ground up to improve user experience and scalability 🎉

Rewriting EOS One's code for better speed, stability and user experience. This will improve performance and reliability, eliminate bugs and add new features to enhance usability.

Roll out Level 10 Meetings™ to your entire organization to increase accountability and execution

Roll out Level 10 Meetings™ to every team within your organization and get more done in less time. The Level 10 Meeting™ software includes Scorecard and Rocks.

Accelerated triaging of support requests for all EOS One users

Faster support request resolution for minimized downtime and maximum productivity.

Manage your teams, people, and subscriptions

Easily add people to your EOS One application, create and manage teams, and assign subscription licenses while inviting your team to try EOS One for free with the free observer option.

Speed up your Rock Review during Level 10 Meetings™ by streamlining the organization of Company, Departmental, and Team Rocks

We want your Level 10 Meeting™ to be as fast and smooth as possible. We are reorganizing the Rock Review section of the Level 10 Meeting experience to clarify what rocks are Company, Departmental, Team, and Individual.